Pneumatic Valves
EA3 series

♦How to order♦  Special orders are acceptable. Consult us about specific applications.

EA3(a)-(b)(c)-TF-(d)-(e) (Example : EA32-4BF-TF-0-E)

(a) Actuation Mode

(c) End Connention

2  NC (Normally closed) F Flowell 20 Series
6  NO (Normally open) R

Flowell 60 Series

(b) Tube Size to connect

(d) Function

6A  6x4 0


10A  10x8 1



12A  12x10 2



2B  1/4"x5/32" 3

Flow-rate control and water-saving

2B  6.35x4.3
3B  3/8"x1/4"
4B  1/2"x3/8"


(e)Direction of operation port

♦Specifications♦ All specifications are for reference only.It changes by a condition of the use (ex, fluid, plumbing, fitting )

6A 2B 10A 3B 12A 4B


Chemicals and DI Water
 Fluid temperature renge 10-100
 Pressure 3MPa(Water pressure)
Fluid pressure(spring return) A>>>B 0-0.3MPa 0-0.3MPa 0-0.3MPa
Fluid pressure(spring return) B>>>A 0-0.1MPa 0-0.1MPa 0-0.1MPa

Fluid pressure(Double action) A>>>B

0-0.5MPa 0-0.5MPa 0-0.5MPa

Fluid pressure(Double action) B>>>A

0-0.5MPa 0-0.5MPa 0-0.5MPa
 Leak 0cm3/min (Water pressure)
Orifice 4mm 8mm 10mm
 Cv 0.3 1.3 2.0
 Operating system Spring return actuation and Double action type
 Pneumatic supply pressure 0.3-0.5MPa
 Atmospheric temperature 0-60
 Materials of wetted parts Diaphragm: PTFE   Body: PTFE
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